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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for Hair Treatment

Your body is your best friend. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy works on this principle. Relatively than using


external means like surgery, PRP relies on stimulating the body’s own natural healing power to optimize the biology of the healing environment.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)? How does Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Work?

PRP is essentially blood plasma that has been processed to contain a high concentration of platelets. It is derived from the patient’s whole blood. In a very simple process (that usually requires very less blood). The patient’s blood is centrifuged platelet rich plasma to be extracted. It is then activated with fillers like thrombin or calcium chloride that stimulates the platelets to stimulate growth factors. Sometimes, it could be used with no filler too. This plasma is then familiar with treat the affected component of the body.


Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy works by emulating the body’s own natural healing process. Injecting PRP induces the healing platelets to create a rich fibrin mesh. It fibre mesh, in turn, demands from natural healing cells, promoting development factors and promoting fibroblast production processes. To put it plainly, the PRP got from the patient’s own particular blood can enlarge or empower recuperating by turning on the same organic mending process that ordinarily happens in the human

Advantages of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy :

Platelet-rich plasma could be used in both the non-operative and operative settings to improve the healing response.


Advantages of PRP

Since PRP uses the body’s own blood for rejuvenation, it offers many advantages.

Some of them are:

  • Faster regeneration and rejuvenation of tissues
  • Increase in collagen production (to increase skin thickness)
  • The overall increase in skin health
  • Eliminating the possibility of infections transmitted by a donor

Uses of Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP is finding many uses in medical treatment and cosmetic procedures. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy has been effectively used for managing nerve injuries, bone repair and regeneration, skin rejuvenation, hair loss treatment, scarring, muscle injury to the heart, oral surgery and several other surgical procedures.

Uses of PRPUses of PRP
Uses of PRP

Here are the cosmetic uses of PRP:

Anti ageing


Hair loss

Skin rejuvenation

Are there any side effects to Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is relatively a new therapy. It has received much limelights because of the treatment availed by exposure celebrities for sports-related injuries.


Possible side effects include the possibility of infection, the formation of blood clots, temporary skin discolouration and allergic reaction in the injured area. As with every cosmetic procedure, your surgeon is the best person to advise you whether Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is suitable for you.

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