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Is Scalp Micropigmentation an Efficient Hair Loss Cure for Baldness in Men?

Hair Loss in Men and Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair Loss in Men and Scalp Micropigmentation
Hair Loss in Men and Scalp Micropigmentation

Compared to other solutions, Scalp Micropigmentation do not assure its patient or client with the expansion of new, real, long-term hair. That, however, ensures the presence of artificial hair through a process just like that of tattooing. Being actually artificial, its efficiency as a loss of hair treatment is rather not sensible for some. To even more assess, allow us to have a closer seek what Scalp micropigmentation truly is, its procedure, its cost, and its effectuality.

These people say if a person has beautiful Hair, and then they can conveniently be gorgeous as a complete human being actually both to their own eyes and ostensibly of other individuals. Besides this, the Hair is also among the top body elements that humans are so mindful regarding. Nobody would definitely doubt this, right? It is a fact. However, in spite of its label as people’ “crown of glory,” the hair is also a usual top sufferer of different problems, issues, diseases, etc. This includes the very famous loss of hair. Remember?

Hair Loss

Hair Loss is a typical problem for everybody. It is among the very well-known hair problems around the world. Hair loss doesn’t choose its victims, it attacks all humans in the world. Everyone, a minimum of at some point in their lifespans, takes in hair loss. Even so, sadly, some people journey hair loss at a more serious and extreme level. Major, severe loss of hair issues are said to become impacting about 50% of the world’s population; this is for both men and women.

Using this, different Hair Loss Therapies, solutions, or cures have been developing and growing all throughout the years with all component of the world. Shampoo Treatment, Propecia Intake, Minoxidil application, laser light therapy, and hair substitute surgery, among others, are one of the most preferred ones on the list. However, among ultimate notable discoveries, these past few years is the increasing requirement of a treatment called Scalp Micropigmentation.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation
What Is Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP is a specialist non-surgical method put on a person’s head. This particular treatment is normally for people experiencing hair growth issues like Alopecia Areata, Male Pattern Hair Loss, etc. That can also be used, though not typical, to all those people who ended up being bald due to illness like cancer, lupus, thyroid problems, etc.

Utilizing micro pigments, people who desire to grow hair can have a semi-shaved checkout tattooing: styles of countless dots are tattooed and/or inscribed on the skin layer of a person’s scalp. As the final product, these tattooed dots would gradually appear like real hair follicles on a semi-shaved scalp. Anybody can have the choice of making their tattooed hair permanent or nonetheless. The output of SMP procedures is known to become natural-looking or reasonable.

What Is The Process of Scalp Micropigmentation?

What Is The Process of Scalp Micropigmentation
What Is The Process of Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation procedures are rather identical in quality to that of a tattooing procedure. The treatment for Scalp micropigmentation might differ depending upon the clinic or specialist carrying out it. Throughout, typically, the lot of treatments needed for a complete method may vary from two to four, with each session endure for two to six hours. That may also vary relying on the style and the dash that the client wants, the severity of the client’s hair loss problem, the size of the client’s head, and many more.

Just before the treatment itself, it is essential to note that each client and specialist must have a clear and fully understood arrangement on all components that are important for the process: the shade and thickness of pigments, hairline style, the permanence of the tattooed dots, a period of treatment, etc.

Pigment Dots

So how does the treatment go? Essentially, pigment dots are inserted to the scalp and layered over one another for a few lots of “tattooing” sessions. The quantity of pigment layering would depend if the desired shape and density of the dots are accomplished. The equipment used for the treatment involves using an expert pigment ‘gun’ and needle (professional experts typically use a triple bunch needle).

After every session, the client should try to keep their head dry. The client should avoid cleaning or shaving their scalp for about five days or more. After some days, the next treatment may start; one more layer of pigment dots will be tattoo design or printed on the scalp. A few days among each session is needed to allow the pigments of the former treatment get settled and dry and to allow the afflicted skin heal. The procedure is a long-term process so aspiring clients needed to keep patients both mentally and literally to succeed. But located on comments from skilled people, they said the process is finally manageable.

What Lead to Expect After Performing Scalp Micropigmentation?

What Lead to Expect After Performing Scalp Micropigmentation
What Lead to Expect After Performing Scalp Micropigmentation

So what occurs after every scalp micropigmentation treatment ends? And what occurs after a full SMP method finishes? After each SMP session ends, the client must anticipate tiny injuries on the skin because of the tattooing procedure. The tiny injuries may last for a couple of days. Consequently, the client may feel a pinch of pain in nowadays also.

The pain can really be felt both throughout and after the treatment. Even so, no have to panic; the pain that the client might really feel is not really the typical “pain” many people are anticipating. It is even more of an unpleasant feeling on the scalp; so there is no have to worry. After the total set of treatments, the client should expect the pain to gradually fade and the injuries to ultimately heal also. Furthermore, the client should also expect the tattooed dots to look more realistic a few days after the procedure compared when it is still fresh from the procedure. Thus, there is also no have to worry if one thinks their tattooed hair looks weird and uncomfortable right after a session.

How About The Cost?

Expenditures for severe hair loss solutions and/or treatments are known to become quite costly. Scalp Micropigmentation is one legitimate instance of this. Normally speaking, the cost of a total scalp micropigmentation treatment differs from clinic to clinic, from company to company, from country to country. Some clinics charge per session, others per hour, while others offer fixed pricing. Apart from this, the kind of procedure requested by a client and the intensity of the client’s loss of hair condition also cause the range of prices.

However, typically, a full SMP procedure usually costs around 3,000 US dollars. It is essential to note though that presently, the rising competition in this industry triggers a big chance of price decline; thus, the marketplace could now be more beneficial than before to those interested clients. It expected that in a few years from now, SMP would be more affordable and more economical to more number of people.

Are there any Side Effects?

Are there any Side Effects
Are there any Side Effects

Within any type of treatment whether surgical or otherwise, side effects assumed, normal and unavoidable. Thankfully, scalp micropigmentation generally has very restricted side effects otherwise none in all. Fortunately, these minimal negative effects are thought about very simple and not a big shot. Actually, there are no legitimate documents discovered online and offline about SMP’s side effects. Among the typical side effects tape-recorded, however, is the fading of the dots’ different colours. A few said their tattooed dots seemed to vanish a few months after the complete procedure.

Another recorded side effect is the possibility of inflammation or allergies. However, these adverse effects would generally rely on the professional who did the procedure. For that reason, curious customers should ensure that the one they are entrusting their hair treatment to get worth that trust; this is to guarantee the quality useful and to avoid more complicated undesirable adverse effects.


All throughout the many years, various hair loss services have created and produced. Some of which is the treatment called Scalp Micropigmentation.

This treatment has been ending up being more popular nowadays. More and more people have tried, much more became interested, and more wish to give it a try. However, although many short articles consider this treatment as a hair loss therapy. Sadly, it would not truly treat or cure any loss of hair or scalp issues. Certainly, it will not let the hair grow, avoid hair from dropping, nor make the scalp much healthier. Nonetheless, SMP is an outstanding tool used to satisfy the people to have synthetic semi-shaved hair follicles that really look very reasonable. For these people, this can be the ideal hair loss cure for them.

Moreover, sadly, it is an apparent considered that some loss of hair conditions are long-term and could never be managed any longer with any hair regrowth techniques.

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